NADAWG Discussion: Technofixes & Toxicswith PANNA & CREPPA  |  1/16/2024
Innovation is a Necessity for Food Sovereigntywith Aurélien Pochard  |  12/07/2023

Global data governance and the CSIPM
with Patti Naylor  |  12/07/2023


Digitalization is a rapid trend across the food system, with support funneled from industry-backed politicians, researchers, conservationists, the tech sector, and agribusiness. The most recent Agrifunder report found that, while global investment in AgTech declined last year, investment in digital agriculture continued to skyrocket by 35% relative to 2021, for a total of $1.7B. These powerful actors supporting digital agriculture claim to be creating more efficient and climate-friendly agricultural systems - however we as the farmers, farmworkers, rural communities, and food consumers have little input into what these systems look like. This series gives background information on who is pushing digital agriculture, takes a critical lens at the promises made by these supporters, and presents the worker-centric agroecological alternatives for AgTech innovation.

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