About us

The North American Digital Agri-food Working Group (NADAWG)is a coalition of civil society activists, researchers, food system workers, and funders exploring alternative agricultural futures. In the context of rapidly expanding digitalization in agriculture, a group of farmer, farmworker and digital rights organizations initiated a process in late 2021 to develop a space for close collaboration among North American allies tackling corporate-led farm technology and uplifting worker-centric technology. Recognizing  that corporate-led digitalization poses a  common threat for farmers, food systems workers, rural communities, and the environment, we are growing a collective voice and shared understanding. This group centers food sovereignty, as a counterweight to the pro-digitalization echo chamber that includes conservationists, politicians, agribusiness and tech corporations.
Participating Organizations

Curious about future publications and work? NADAWG is an ongoing innitiative and we are looking for perspectives from workers, farmers, scholars, and communities dealing with the impacts of Digital Agriculture.

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